Ruijie In Qatar

Ruijie is a leading ICT Enterprise Brand which has always been committed to fully integrating technology into scenarios helping users in various industries achieve digital transformation and value innovation. With more than branches worldwide and over 6000 employees and 20000 partners worldwide, Ruijie is one of the leading brands in the sector. With more than 16% of the overall sales revenue invested back into R&D and 50% of the resource involved in R&D, Ruijie product line provides wide range of products and solution for diversified industries. Ruijie Network provides the best line of products such as switches, routers, wireless, cloud class, security, gateways, IT management and authentication & accounting with more than 1000 patents across these product lines. Adept Tech is the authorized national distributor for the Ruijie product line in Qatar. With competitive pricing and innovative superior technology, Ruijie is one of the leading brands for Access Control, Switches, Routers and a wide range of products operating in Qatar and fast becoming the most preferred networking brands in the region.